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Q1. What does a debt collector do?
We collect outstanding debts, manage your receivables, provide advice regarding credit. But mostly, a debt collector will use their skill and experience to collect overdue accounts.
Q2. What is debt collection process?
There are a number of different ways to collect a debt depending on a number of factors. This includes emails, letters, phone calls, and field calls. Different people and companies need different motivation.
Q3. What happens after 6 years of not paying debt?
If a debt is not paid within 6 years than it is not legally allowed to be recovered unless the debtor has either made a payment in the past 6 years or has acknowledged the debt in writing. If you have aged debts, it is vitally important that you seek to recover the debt before the limitation date.
Q4. When should I refer the debt to Advance Debt Collection?
As soon as it becomes overdue. In a lot of cases, the longer a debt remains unpaid, the less chance you have of successfully recovering the debt.
Q5. Do Advance Debt Collection have a minimum or a maximum debt value?
No. Advance Debt Collection can collect debt no matter how small or how large. We have a tailored pricing system based on the amount repaid.
Q6. Will Advance Debt Collection be able to collect my debt?
We will do our absolute best. Sometimes however, a debt is just not collectable. Some debtors are what we call “litigation proof”, meaning, no car, no real property, and no job.
Q7. When will Advance Debt Collection give us our money?
We reconcile monthly. This means that we will make a payment to you at the end of every month, less our commission.
Q8. Can I recover my debt collection costs from the customer?
Yes, but only in certain circumstances. You must have a written agreement with the debtor which allows for this.
Q9. When does a debt need to be written off?
If the debt is uncollectable then it may need to be written off. This can be because the debtor has no money, no job, and no property.
Q10. How much does it cost?
We have an initial lodgement fee of $15.00 + GST, and then a sliding percentage scale based upon a no collection no commission basis. If we do not collect, then we do not charge you.
Q11. Can I recover legal costs if I sue someone?

Yes, in some jurisdictions and in fixed amounts (also called “scale” amounts). Our legal partner has fixed fees, fixed at the scale for certain legal services.

Q12. How do I lodge my debt with you?

You can call us on 07 5346 0365 or lodge your debt online here.

Q13. What are your payment options for our debtors?
Based upon your instructions, we can provide the debtor with a number of options and repayment plans. However, you are in control, and we will act upon your clear instructions.
Q14. How can I get a copy of my credit file?

Please visit mycreditfile.com.au to obtain a copy of your credit file.

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Customer Testimonials

“We are a small business and asked Advance Debt Collection to help us collect outstanding debts owed to us by a client. As soon as we made contact with Advance Debt Collection, we were impressed with the helpfulness, efficiency, professionalism, and communication. They resolved this issue for us quickly and successfully recovered the debt. We are very grateful. ”

Jon D.

“Thanks to Wayne and the team at Advance Debt Collection for helping me collect my outstanding debts. You were easy to understand, easy to deal with and you really know your stuff. Thanks again! Appraciate your help.”

Jane S.

"Advance Debt Collection were an incredible help by negotiating a debt on my behalf. I had a lot going on in my life and right from the first phone call they were able to relieve some of the stress. They used clear language and I didn't feel confused but knew what was happening and the plan of action. I highly recommend Advance Debt Collection."

Elle Z.

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