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FAQ 1. What does a debt collector do?

We collect outstanding debts, manage your receivables, provide advice regarding credit. But mostly, a debt collector will use their skill and experience to collect overdue accounts.

What is debt collection process?

There are a number of different ways to collect a debt depending on a number of factors. This includes emails, letters, phone calls, and field calls.

Different people and companies need different motivation.

What happens after 6 years of not paying debt?

If a debt is not paid within 6 years than it is not legally allowed to be recovered unless the debtor has either made a payment in the past 6 years or has acknowledged the debt in writing.

If you have aged debts, it is vitally important that you seek to recover the debt before the limitation date.

When should I refer the debt to Advance Debt Collection?

As soon as it becomes overdue. In a lot of cases, the longer a debt remains unpaid, the less chance you have of successfully recovering the debt.

Do Advance Debt Collection have a minimum or a maximum debt value?

No. Advance Debt Collection can collect debt no matter how small or how large. We have a tailored pricing system based on the amount repaid.

Will Advance Debt Collection be able to collect my debt?

We will do our absolute best. Sometimes however, a debt is just not collectable. Some debtors are what we call “litigation proof”, meaning, no car, no real property, and no job.

When will Advance Debt Collection give us our money?

We reconcile monthly. This means that we will make a payment to you at the end of every month, less our commission.

How can I determine if a debt is collectible or not?

Advance Debt Collection assesses the collectability of a debt based on factors such as age, amount, and debtor information.

Can I pursue debt collection if the debtor has moved to a different state?

Yes, Advance Debt Collection has a nationwide reach and can pursue debt collection across different states.

What documents are required to initiate the debt collection process?

You will need to provide relevant documentation, such as invoices, contracts, and proof of debt, to begin the debt collection process. These can be uploaded to our debt collection online portal.

Can Advance Debt Collection handle international debt collection?

Yes, Advance Debt Collection offers international debt collection services to help recover debts from overseas debtors.

What legal actions can Advance Debt Collection take on my behalf?

Advance Debt Collection have a unique legal partnership with debt recovery lawyers who can initiate legal proceedings, obtain judgments, and utilise various legal tools to recover debts.

What is the typical timeline for debt collection?

The timeline for debt collection varies depending on the complexity of the case and debtor cooperation, but Advance Debt Collection works efficiently to recover debts as soon as possible.

Can I continue doing business with a debtor during the debt collection process?

Yes, you can continue business operations with the debtor while Advance Debt Collection works to recover the outstanding debt.

Will the debtor be informed before Advance Debt Collection initiates collection efforts?

Yes, Advance Debt Collection will notify the debtor about the debt and give them an opportunity to respond or make payment arrangements.

What if the debtor claims they are unable to pay the debt?

Advance Debt Collection will evaluate the debtor's financial situation and work towards setting up a manageable payment plan.

Can Advance Debt Collection negotiate settlements on my behalf?

Yes, Advance Debt Collection can negotiate debt settlements with debtors to reach a mutually acceptable resolution.

FAQ - Can I recover my debt collection costs from the customer?

Yes, but only in certain circumstances. You must have a written agreement with the debtor which allows for this.

When does a debt need to be written off?

If the debt is uncollectable then it may need to be written off. This can be because the debtor has no money, no job, and no property.

How much does it cost?

We have a sliding percentage scale based upon a no collection no commission basis. If we do not collect, then we do not charge you.

Can I recover legal costs if I sue someone?

Yes, in some jurisdictions and in fixed amounts (also called “scale” amounts). Our legal partner has fixed fees, fixed at the scale for certain legal services.

How do I lodge my debt with you?

You can call us on 07 5346 0365 or lodge your debt online here.

What are your payment options for our debtors?

Based upon your instructions, we can provide the debtor with a number of options and repayment plans. However, you are in control, and we will act upon your clear instructions.

How can I get a copy of my credit file?

Please visit mycreditfile.com.au to obtain a copy of your credit file.

Are there any restrictions on the communication methods used during debt collection?

Advance Debt Collection adheres to all the legislation and regulations to ensure proper and ethical communication with debtors.

How does Advance Debt Collection handle debtor disputes or claims of inaccurate debt information?

Advance Debt Collection investigates debtor disputes and provides accurate information to resolve any discrepancies.

What happens if the debtor declares bankruptcy?

Advance Debt Collection will work with you and legal expert partners to navigate the bankruptcy process and seek appropriate recovery options.

Can I track the progress of my debt collection case online?

Yes, Advance Debt Collection provides an online portal where you can monitor the status and progress of your debt collection cases.

What if the debtor has multiple outstanding debts with me?

Advance Debt Collection can consolidate efforts to pursue multiple outstanding debts from the same debtor, streamlining the collection process.

Will I receive updates on the actions taken by Advance Debt Collection on my behalf?

Yes, you will receive regular updates and reports detailing the actions taken and progress made in each debt collection case.

Can I refer debts to Advance Debt Collection on an ongoing basis or only as needed?

You can refer debts to Advance Debt Collection as needed, whether it's a one-time case or an ongoing partnership.

What measures does Advance Debt Collection take to protect my sensitive information?

Advance Debt Collection employs robust security measures to ensure the confidentiality and protection of your sensitive information.

Is there a statute of limitations for debt collection?

Yes, there is a statute of limitations that varies by jurisdiction. Advance Debt Collection is knowledgeable about these limitations and will act accordingly.

How do I initiate the debt collection process with Advance Debt Collection?

You can initiate the debt collection process by contacting Advance Debt Collection directly or using the online submission forms to provide necessary details about the debt in question.

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Looking for immediate answers to your questions? Read our extensive Skip Tracing FAQ.

Can skip tracing agencies provide ongoing monitoring of debtor locations?

Yes, some skip tracing agencies offer ongoing monitoring services to track changes in debtor information over time.

What happens if skip tracing does not yield results?

If initial skip tracing efforts do not yield results, the agency may reassess and employ advanced techniques or offer recommendations for further action.

Can skip tracing help with locating hidden assets of debtors?

While skip tracing primarily focuses on locating debtors, some agencies may also provide assistance in identifying potential assets.

How does skip tracing integrate with the debt collection process?

Skip tracing helps debt collection by providing updated debtor contact information, facilitating communication, and improving the chances of debt recovery.

Is there a cost associated with skip tracing services?

Yes, skip tracing services typically involve fees based on factors such as the complexity of the case and the resources required.

Can I use skip tracing for any type of debt, regardless of its value?

Skip tracing can be employed for various types of debts, irrespective of their value, to locate debtors and recover owed amounts.

How do I choose a reputable skip tracing agency?

Look for agencies with a proven track record, positive reviews, adherence to legal regulations, and transparent fee structures.

What additional information might enhance skip tracing success?

Providing details such as social security numbers, employment history, and known associates can enhance the effectiveness of skip tracing.

Can I combine skip tracing with other debt recovery methods?

Yes, skip tracing can complement other debt recovery methods, such as negotiation and legal actions, to increase the chances of successful recovery.

How can I initiate skip tracing services for debt collection purposes?

Contact a reputable skip tracing agency, provide them with relevant debtor information, and discuss your specific needs to initiate the skip tracing process.

What is skip tracing and how does it relate to debt collection?

Skip tracing is the process of locating individuals who have "skipped" or moved from their last known address, often used in debt collection to locate debtors for repayment.

When should I consider using skip tracing services for debt collection?

Skip tracing is useful when traditional contact methods have failed to reach the debtor, and you need to locate their current whereabouts.

What methods does a skip tracing agency employ to locate debtors?

Skip tracing agencies use various techniques, including database searches, public records, credit reports, social media analysis, and even field investigations to find debtors.

Is skip tracing legal and ethical in debt collection?

Yes, skip tracing is legal and ethical when conducted within the boundaries of applicable laws and regulations.

How accurate are the results of skip tracing?

The accuracy of skip tracing results depends on the quality of data sources, techniques used, and the expertise of the skip tracing agency.

Can skip tracing help locate debtors who have moved out of state?

Yes, skip tracing can help locate debtors across different states and even internationally.

What information do I need to provide to a skip tracing agency?

You should provide as much relevant information as possible about the debtor, such as their full name, last known address, phone numbers, and any other contact details.

How long does skip tracing typically take?

The duration of skip tracing varies depending on factors such as the complexity of the case and the accuracy of available information.

Can skip tracing agencies assist with business-to-business debt collection?

Yes, skip tracing agencies can help locate businesses that owe debts to facilitate business-to-business debt collection.

How do skip tracing agencies handle data privacy and security?

Reputable skip tracing agencies follow strict data privacy and security protocols to ensure the confidentiality of sensitive information.