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Comprehensive Debt Collection Services

At Advance Debt Collection®, we are proud to offer over 20 years of experience in a variety of debt collection and enforcement areas. Our full-service approach means that we can help with everything from initial communication and negotiation, to legal action and enforcement.

With over 20 years of experience, we specialise in commercial and business debt collection across Australia. Our approach is professional, honest, and compliant, ensuring your peace of mind.

Debt Collection

We specialise in efficient debt collection services for businesses Australia-wide. Our robust network allows us to track down debtors and negotiate payment plans that work for both parties. We understand the delicate nature of these situations, and approach them with sensitivity and discretion.

Receivables Management

Our receivables management services provide businesses with customised solutions for recovering outstanding payments. Our team works efficiently to identify and prioritise accounts, utilising a variety of methods to collect debts in a timely manner.

Skip Tracing

When it comes to debt collection, the inability to locate a debtor can be a major impediment. Our skip tracing services offer solutions to this issue by utilising various databases and investigative techniques to track down debtors and their assets.

Legal Partnership

In order to further enhance the range of options available to our clients, we have formed a partnership with a leading legal firm specialising in litigation, debt recovery, enforcement, and insolvency.

Professional Collection Services

Why Choose Advance Debt Collection?

 Our years of experience have taught us the importance of not just getting the money back, but also maintaining positive relationships with customers. We work quickly and efficiently to resolve outstanding debt while also treating clients and their customers with respect and understanding. When it comes to debt collection, choose Advanced Debt Collection® for the best possible outcome for your business.

advance debt collection

No Collection - No Commission

If we are unable to successfully collect on a debt, you do not have to pay any commission.

Australia-wide debt collection

No Upfront Fees

No joining fees, account loading fees or ongoing contracts. Simply submit your debt and we start collecting.

advance debt collection

Any Size Debt

No debt too small or too large. We collect debts from $100 to $1m. If you have a debt, we'll try to collect it.

skip tracing services

20+ Years Experience

We have over 20+ yrs of professional debt collection and legal debt recovery experience and know how.

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What happens if a debtor disputes the debt?

In the event of a dispute, we work to resolve the matter through documentation and negotiation. If necessary, we can provide evidence of the debt's validity.

Will using a debt collection agency negatively impact my business's reputation?

Advance Debt Collection prioritises respectful communication and professionalism throughout the collection process, minimising any negative impact on your business's reputation.

What is the usual timeframe for debt recovery?

The timeframe for debt recovery can vary depending on factors such as the debtor's responsiveness and financial situation. We work diligently to expedite the process while maintaining professionalism.

How do you ensure compliance with debt collection regulations?

Advance Debt Collection strictly follows the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) guidelines to ensure ethical and legal debt collection practices.

Can Advance Debt Collection handle both small and large debt recovery cases?

Yes, Advance Debt Collection has the expertise to manage debt recovery cases of varying sizes. Whether it's a single overdue invoice or a larger outstanding amount, we tailor our strategies to suit your specific needs.

Will using a debt collector damage my customer relationships?

The short answer is no, debt collectors adhere to the highest standards of ethics and follow the strict guidelines for collectors and creditors when recovering outstanding debts.

Using a third party to recover your outstanding debts will not negatively impact your customer relations, if anything using a collection agency will help improve your customer payment terms. 

What is the cost of debt collection?

There are several factors that will influence the cost of the recovery of debts such as:

  1. What type of debt collection service you require for your business.
  2. How old the unpaid debt is for; and
  3. The collection agencies commission rate.

Typically, the collection fee is more for a older, and collection companies will charge between 10% – 35% commission prior to commencing recovering the debt.  However, there are debt collection agencies that will only charge a commission on the successful recovery of the debt, this simplifies the process for the collection agency and the client.

Are old debts recoverable?

Yes you can recover older debts, but there is a statute of limitations, simple contracts have a statute of limitation of 6 years in Australia, with the expection of the Northern Territory which is 3 years.

Debts that have passed the statute of limitations means you are no longer able to make a claim and take the debtor to court for payment, if you were to pursue the debtor in court, the debtor would have a valid defence not to pay.  If you have a debt that is considered “statute-barred” it is essential to consult a legal practioner for advice.

What happens after 6 years of not paying debt?

If a debt is not paid within 6 years then it is not legally allowed to be recovered unless the debtor has either made a payment in the past 6 years or has acknowledged the debt in writing.

If you have aged debts, it is vitally important that you seek to recover the debt before the limitation date.

When should I refer the debt to Advance Debt Collection?

As soon as it becomes overdue. In a lot of cases, the longer a debt remains unpaid, the less chance you have of successfully recovering the debt.

How much does debt collection cost?

We have a sliding percentage scale based upon a no collection no commission basis. If we do not collect, then we do not charge you.

Who are Advance Debt Collection, and what services do you provide?

Advance Debt Collection is a professional debt recovery agency in Australia. We specialise in assisting businesses to recover outstanding debts by employing ethical and effective collection strategies.

How does the debt collection process work?

Our debt collection process involves contacting debtors through various means, such as phone calls, letters, and emails, to negotiate repayment plans or settlements. We prioritize respectful communication and adhere to legal guidelines.

Is Advance Debt Collection licensed to operate in Australia?

Yes, Advance Debt Collection is licensed and regulated by the relevant authorities in Australia to carry out debt collection activities. Advance Debt Collection Pty Ltd hold authority number 4583821 to act as a debt collector.

What types of debts does Advance Debt Collection handle?

We handle a wide range of commercial debts, including unpaid invoices, loans, credit card debt, and more.

How does Advance Debt Collection differentiate itself from other debt collection agencies?

Advance Debt Collection stands out through its commitment to ethical practices, personalised approach, and extensive knowledge of Australian debt collection regulations. We prioritise maintaining client relationships while effectively recovering debts. We also have a unique relationship with debt recovery lawyers.

Is there only one way to collect debts?

No, in Australia there is a number of ways to collect debts, such as legal debt recovery - this is where you file a legal action against the debtor, or non-court debt collection which is the process where you collect or you engage the services of a debt collector to recover the debt on your behalf.

You should also note that debt collection agencies will also specialise in what debt the focus on, some will collect large debts for large corporations, while others collect debts for small to medium sized business.  It is a matter of choosing the right agency to suit your business needs.

When is the best time for pursuing a debt?

An invoice, generally speaking becomes overdue at the point in which your customer exceeds your agreed credit terms and debt collection should be started at the moment. 

For example if your company invoices on the first of the month with payment due 7 days from issue the invoice is then overdue on the 7th day. 

You can being the debt collection process with friendly reminders of the outstanding debt via email or phone, if after a number of attempts to recover the debt have failed it is then following up with a letter of demand is recommended.  

Which is better a debt collection agency or law firm?

Often debt recovery can be complicated.  In most cases recovering outstanding debts can be successful handled either by in house collection or collection agency, however there are some cases that you will need to seek advise form a professional debt recovery lawyer.

Using a debt recovery lawyer will help you understand the legal process if you wanted to pursue the debt through the courts.

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Legal Partnership

Our team of dedicated debt collection professionals and our legal partnership means that we can bring you the best in debt collection, legal recovery, enforcement, and insolvency. If we cannot collect, then our legal partners can provide advice moving forward.

Fast Turnaround

The Advance Debt Collection team will act upon your instructions immediately upon lodging the debt with us. We believe that acting quickly will increase your chances of recovery. We can act on the same day of lodgement.

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