Debt Collectors

A Debt Collector is an individual or organisation who is employed to recover an outstanding debt or debts on your behalf. A Debt Collector works for businesses or financiers to recover monies pertaining to a contract, outstanding invoices, or bad debts.


Practice Areas

Debt Collection Agency

When operating a business, establishing a relationship with a debt collection agency is important as they can take the hard work out of recovering bad debts for you that have accrued in the short or long term.

Rather than letting your invoices become weeks, months or even years overdue, having a process in place to refer overdue matters to a debt collection agency will help you stay on top of things rather than letting them get out of hand.

Advance Debt Collection

Advance Debt Collection are experienced, knowledgeable, and highly focused on getting your debt paid promptly. Our emphasis is heavily based on providing the most viable outcome for both the client and the debtor. Our approach is simple, be fair, be firm, be pro-active.

Unfortunately, a lot of people hear the words “debt collector” and they panic, they are often seen to be aggressive or intimidating when in fact they are just the next point of call in assisting you to find commercial solutions and results to your unpaid or overdue accounts. This in turn will ensure your business maintains necessary cash flow to keep your business functioning and running effectively.

A Debt Collector is responsible for the following:


Make an action plan to recover outstanding payments/debt;


Locating debtors;


Making contact with debtors to discuss their intentions regarding payment of a debt;


Negotiating payment arrangements;


Deal with queries and disputes;


Look into discrepancies;


Regularly review and update each matter;


Build positive relationships with debtors in order to achieve positive outcomes;

Debt Collection Services

If you have bad debts or clients who are not paying your invoices, then we offer the following debt collection services:

Demand Letters

Phone Calls

Negotiating Payments

Account Settlement Arrangements

Account Status Reports

Collecting outstanding debts

Fixed Commission Rate

Our costs are based on a fixed commission rate; therefore, our costs are clear before you proceed and will not go beyond this amount. If for whatever reason we are unsuccessful in recovering your debt, you do not pay a cent. Alternately, the matter can be referred to Stonegate Legal, whom we work closely with, for legal action.

If a debt collector contacts you, it is important that you understand what they can and cannot do. When consulting with a debt collector in relation to a debt owed, it is important that you work with them to find a resolution. A debt collector should always treat you with courtesy and respect and must not impose any of the following:

Hassle or bully you;

Misinform, deceive, or misrepresent you;

Intimidate or push you into doing something you are not comfortable with;

Provide information to another party about you or your matter without your authority;

Provide information to another party about you or your matter without your authority;

A debt collector may contact you for several reasons such as discussing a suitable arrangement or to confirm when payment will be made, however contact should only be made for a sufficient reason, these include:

  • Payment demands;
  • Discussing a suitable payment arrangement;
  • To discuss dishonoured arrangements;
  • To review an arrangement;
  • Reclaiming or examining goods or property

When contacting a debtor whether it be via telephone, in person or at a place of work, its important to restrict contact and only do so when necessary. Under the guidelines, you can only make 3 telephone calls per week or 10 per month and you must only call between 7.30am – 9.00pm Mondays to Friday, on weekend the times vary slightly being 9.00am – 9.00pm and generally speaking contact should not be made on public holidays.

Attending a debtor’s home, also known as a field call, should only be used as a last resort or if all other means of contact have been unsuccessful to date.

Appointing a debt collector or a debt collection agency is easy and from a time perspective, it is going to be a lot faster than having your staff chase up overdue accounts. The process with our team is simple, you can submit details of your debt online, which includes attaching documentation to support your debt. Once this information is received, if you are happy to proceed, a client agreement is signed and returned, we can open a file and get the ball rolling. If you have any outstanding debts, give us a call today and let us help you. It is that easy.