Professional Debt Collectors Melbourne

Debt Collectors Melbourne

Advance Debt Collection are experienced in debt collectors in Melbourne who can help you get results. We offer a range of services including sending letters of demand, making telephone contact, negotiating payments, discussing suitable payment arrangements, account status reports and much more.

Trusted Debt Collectors Melbourne

Advance Debt Collection is a highly trusted debt collection agency in Melbourne. We understand the importance of getting results promptly and take pride in our ability to do so. Our team of highly experienced debt collectors are committed to providing the best service possible and are dedicated to helping our clients achieve their goals. All our staff members are fully trained and certified professionals, ensuring that all collections are conducted in a legal, ethical, and professional manner. With us, you can rest assured that your debts will be collected quickly and efficiently with minimum fuss.

Advance Debt Collection Melbourne

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The Collection Process in Victoria

Our professional debt collectors Melbourne include the following services:


If you are interested in utilizing our services, check out our website and submit your details for a free debt assessment. Once your email is received, someone from our office will be in contact with you to discuss the matter. You will then be required to submit details of your debt online and provide documentation if any. From here we are good to go.


If after making all attempts to collect the debt, we are still unsuccessful in recovering the monies owed, the matter can be referred for legal action to Stonegate Legal. Proceedings can be issued out of the Melbourne Magistrates Court located at 233 William Street, Melbourne Victoria.


To commence proceedings in Victoria, a Complaint (Claim) is required to be issued and you are required to personally serve the documents upon the debtor. If the debtor fails to pay the account in full, enter into an arrangement or lodge a Defence within 21 days of the date of service, an Application for Order (Judgment) can proceed. Once Judgment has been entered, a copy of same can be lodged with a credit reporting agency and a default is placed on the debtor’s credit file.


When enforcing a Judgment in Victoria, there are various options available. If you hold the debtor’s employment information on file, the most effective option would be to proceed with an Attachment of Earnings Summons (AOES). A copy of the AOES Summons is required to be served upon the debtor at least 14 days before the hearing. The debtor is required to attend court on the specified date, at which time they are required to provide details in relation to their income and expenditure so the Registrar can make an order for payment based on their circumstances. Once the Registrar makes an order for payment, an Attachment of Earnings Order is required to be filed and served upon the debtor and the debtors employer. The employer must comply with the orders made by the Registrar until the balance owing on the Order is satisfied.


Alternately, you may wish to proceed with a Warrant to Seize Property. Once the Warrant to Seize Property (Warrant) has been filed, you are required to send a copy of the Warrant to the relevant Sheriff for execution. The Sheriff will then attend the debtor’s property and try to execute the Warrant. If the Sheriff is successful in locating any goods of value, a report will be forwarded detailing their findings. If the Sheriff is successful, seized items will be sold at auction and the proceeds with be forwarded in payment of the debt.

If you are unclear about the debtor’s financial situation, you may wish to proceed with a Summons to Attend for Oral Examination (Summons). Once the Summons has been filed, you are required to personally serve the debtor with the documents at least 14spe days prior to the hearing date. The debtor is then required to attend Court and provide information in relation to their income, expenditure, and any assets they may have. Once you receive this information, you may wish to enter into an arrangement with the debtor or proceed with further enforcement action.

Debt Collectors Melbourne

Effective Debt Collection in Melbourne

At Advance Debt Collection, we take pride in our ability to help businesses recover their outstanding debts. We understand that unpaid debts can cause significant financial strain on a business, which is why we offer effective debt collection services to ensure that our clients receive the money they are owed promptly. Our team of experienced debt collectors is well-versed in all aspects of debt collection and recovery, and we use the latest tools and techniques to maximise our success rates.

Our commitment to providing exceptional service extends beyond just debt collection. We also provide regular account status reports to keep our clients informed of any progress made in the debt recovery process. Additionally, we are always available to answer any questions or concerns our clients may have throughout the entire process.

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"Stacey has been amazing to work with and has helped us as a business finalise many overdue accounts that we were unable to resolve without her help"
Matt, W.

"We use Advance Debt Collection for our debt collection work. Always quick to get correspondence and follow up customers. Great to deal with"

Todd, B.

"Great debt collection service. Easy to use, good to deal with and great results. No hesitation recommendation ADC!"
Jarvis, A.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do debt collectors charge?

At Advance Debt Collection, we have a no collection, no commission policy, so clients will never pay any fees unless we are successful in recovering their debts. Furthermore, our team is experienced in recovering all types of debts, including bad debts and write-offs. This ensures that our clients have the best chance of getting their money back quickly and efficiently.


What happens if the debtor ignore the money owned?

If the debtor ignores the money owed, Advance Debt Collection will take further action to enforce the debt. This may involve pursuing court action or other legal means of obtaining payment. Our team is experienced in dealing with all types of debt collection cases and will use all available resources to recover your debt. We also offer advice and assistance on various debt-related matters, such as dispute resolution and negotiating repayment arrangements.


How do debt collection agencies communicate with debtors?

At Advance Debt Collection, we use a variety of methods to communicate with debtors. We will typically begin by sending a letter of demand outlining the amount owed and our client’s right to collect it. If the debtor does not respond to this letter, we may then contact them by phone or email to discuss repayment arrangements. Our team is experienced in handling difficult conversations and negotiating payment plans that are beneficial for both parties.