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Skip tracing services are an essential part of debt collection. If you need to locate a debtor who is evading you, our team can assist you in achieving your desired outcome.


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What Are Skip Tracing Services?

When a debtor goes missing and evades all attempts at contact, skip tracing is the next step in the debt collection process. This involves finding information on the person's whereabouts through online database searches, social media searches, and other investigation techniques.

No matter the reason for their disappearance, performing a skip trace helps to ensure that those responsible for their obligations cannot avoid the consequences indefinitely. As a result, it is an important aspect of any successful debt collection strategy.

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 Advance Debt Collection operates Australia-wide. If you have debtors in different States or Territories in Australia, then you do not need to go anywhere else. Although our main office is in Queensland, we can operate Australia-wide, and have agents in every State and Territory. We strictly follow the Australian debt collection guidelines and tailor our debt collection processes to follow debt collection regulations and debt collection laws.

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By conducting extensive searches, we can locate the debtor and then proceed with debt collection efforts. The seamless partnership between skip tracing and debt collection saves you time and hassle by offering everything under one roof. In addition, our experienced team is trained to handle skip tracing procedures in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. With our high success rate and industry knowledge, let us help you recover what is rightfully yours - contact Advance Debt Collection for all your skip tracing needs.

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Our Skip Tracing Services

As a team of skip tracers, it is our job to uncover the whereabouts of individuals who may be evading detection. This work often involves conducting investigations and searches through various databases.

With enough information, it is very unlikely for a person to leave no traces of their current location. With Advance Debt Collection, our tracing methods are extremely precise and effective in locating people and targets, without infringing on their privacy.

The type of information uncovered typically includes:

Any of the debtor's phone numbers

ASIC company information with addresses and ACN's

Current or previous business details, such as ABN's

Email addresses of the debtor

Full names, including middle names

Last known place of work

Passport or drivers licence numbers

Previous addresses or phone numbers

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Get the information you need to collect your debts


Open up communication with debtors who have gone silent


Cost-effective & efficient way to get the personal information of your debtor

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is skip tracing?

Skip tracing is a process of locating missing debtors or missing persons. This can be done through a variety of methods, including searching public records, using databases and other resources, and utilising investigative techniques.

Skip tracing is essential when debtors or defendants keep changing their phone numbers, addresses, and contact information, to avoid the payment of their debts, the enforcement of your judgment, or avoid being served with Court and Family Court documents.

What information do you need to skip trace someone?

In order to successfully skip trace someone, you will need certain pieces of information about them. This typically includes their name, any aliases they may have used in the past, their current address (if known), their date of birth, Social Security Number (if applicable), and any previous addresses they may have had.

Why do I need a skip trace?

You need a skip trace if you are trying to locate a person who is evading being found. This could be a debtor, to serve legal documents, to appear as a witness, or any number of other reasons.
Our efficient skip trace services in Australia can help you find your missing person.

What databases are used in a skip trace?

There are a lot of different databases which skip tracers use to find people. This can include personal databases, government databases, company/business databases, and property databases.

What happens if we cannot locate the debtor?

If we are unable to locate a debtor, then the matter can be escalated to a private investigator. A private investigator will go and make field calls and visit addresses, to try to ascertain the whereabouts of the missing person.

What is a field call?

A field call is a personal attendance by a licensed agent to the last known address of a debtor or defendant. A field call is used in circumstances where you need to confirm that the person still resides at that address, or to establish contact with a debtor for the purpose of negotiations, or serve documents or make an in-person demand for money, or supply a photograph of the debtor or the debtor’s home/assets.

How much does it cost to skip trace?

Costs vary depending on the number of different searches that are required. We offer a very competitive rate for all of our debt collection and skip tracing services.

How accurate is skip tracing?

The accuracy of skip tracing depends on the amount and quality of information available about the individual or company in question. The more data points that are provided by the client, the more accurate the results of the skip tracing process will be.