About Advance Debt Collection™

Advance debt collection is an Australia-wide commercial debt collection agency and credit and accounts receivable management. We can recovery your debts, manage your credit, and manage your accounts receivable.

Advance Debt Collection™

We collect your debts for commission only. No collection, no commission.

Unpaid invoices are just a common factor in business. Unless you are on top of your debt collection then the debt becomes harder and harder to collect.

We are professional debt collectors with years of experience to help you collect your debts.
We are partnered with expert litigation lawyers with years of experience in debt recovery, enforcement, and insolvency.

The Advance Debt Collection process is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

Advance Debt Collection work on a no collection, no commission fee structure. We collect your debt, take our commission, then pay you the balance. No upfront fees.

We can manage your debtors.

We can take the stress out of managing your debtors, which will leave you to do the thing that you love – manage and run your business. We have an online portal, a web app, and the ability to manage your file with us online, we make it easy for you to manage your accounts with us.

Upload debts, your instructions, and any documents online in your own time. Advance Debt Collection is the only debt management company you will ever need.


You upload your debt in our online portal.



You give us instructions.


We go to work collecting your debts.

Advance Accounts Receivable

Our team can also provide you with accounts receivable management.

  • Good receivables management helps prevent non-payment of invoices, or late / overdue payments.
  • Good receivables management is an effective way to keep healthy cash flow and strengthen your businesses financial position.
  • Our experienced accounts receivables team have developed tools and processes to ensure that your accounts receivables are routinely followed up and processed effectively and on time.

Cash flow is the life blood of your business.
“Revenue is vanity, profit is sanity, but cash is king”.
It is important that your business maintains healthy cash flows.

We can take care of it for you.

Advance Credit Management

Credit management is important for your business because if you get this right at the start of your customer relationship, then it will greatly assist you at the end of that customer relationship.

Credit management is the process of onboarding new credit clients and the processes, checks, and documents used during that onboarding process.

Advance Credit Management services include:

  1. Conducting reference checks.
  2. Doing credit checks and insolvency checks for new clients.
  3. Investigating customers on google and social media.
  4. Checking where and to whom the invoices are to be sent.
  5. Finding out whether customers operate a payment run different you your payment terms.
  6. Factoring the potential for payment delays.
    Investigating potential trade credit insurance options.

Our team will streamline your client onboarding system and provide you with a report.

Our partner litigation law firm also offer the complete review of your terms and conditions, credit agreements, and security agreement.

Who Are We?

Based in Queensland, we offer Australia-wide debt collection, accounts receivable and credit management. We are a customer focussed business and put you at the top of our priorities. Our team have developed processes which increase collection rates to give you the best return.

We are incentivised because we are no collection, no commission agency. If you do not get paid, then we do not get paid. Want to know more? Then contact us.

What They're Saying

Customer Testimonials

“We are a small business and asked Advance Debt Collection to help us collect outstanding debts owed to us by a client. As soon as we made contact with Advance Debt Collection, we were impressed with the helpfulness, efficiency, professionalism, and communication. They resolved this issue for us quickly and successfully recovered the debt. We are very grateful. ”

Jon D.

“Thanks to Wayne and the team at Advance Debt Collection for helping me collect my outstanding debts. You were easy to understand, easy to deal with and you really know your stuff. Thanks again! Appraciate your help.”

Jane S.

"Advance Debt Collection were an incredible help by negotiating a debt on my behalf. I had a lot going on in my life and right from the first phone call they were able to relieve some of the stress. They used clear language and I didn't feel confused but knew what was happening and the plan of action. I highly recommend Advance Debt Collection."

Elle Z.

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