Are you considering pursuing legal action against a debtor?

This can be a mentally draining experience and something you may want to avoid is adding to that stress with costly legal fees.

Remember to take all specifics of your matter into account and avoid budgeting too strictly with your legal fees.

This article will outline proactive ways to cut legal fees while still getting what you need out of your matter!

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Pursuing Legal Action – Be Organised

When pursuing legal action against a client, ensure you are adequately organised before speaking with a debt recovery lawyer.

Solicitors will generally charge an hourly rate and an organised system of evidence, questions, and information to present to them will likely decrease the time it takes for them to help you!

If you have large files of evidence or documents that will assist your case, it pays to have them sorted in a neat, labelled fashion that will allow your lawyer to locate appropriate information as needed.

When communicating with them, rather in person, over the phone, or via email, it may be helpful for you to prepare notes of any information you want to inform them of or any questions you have to avoid elongating conversations that may increase costs.

Request a Cost Estimate

As aforementioned, lawyers generally will charge an hourly rate so it may be difficult for them to give you a definitive answer on the price of their service.

Setting this aside, it may be wise for you to ask them for a general estimate on how much their total legal service will cost, once they are aware of the details of course, as they will likely be obligated to inform you of such.

This knowledge can value you in a multitude of ways and may allow you to make an informed decision on how you would like to proceed.

You may have a budget or wish to create one on how much you are willing to invest in this matter and if it will overall be worth your money and efforts to pursue legal action.

You may also wish to find the most cost-efficient lawyer available and having a general estimate on how much each service will cost can assist you in doing just that.

When looking to invest in a legal matter, knowledge is key, and it may be worth your while to find out as much information about your lawyer as possible!

Pursuing Legal Action – Get Advice Early

It is a good idea to seek legal advice early in your matter and will likely save you some costs!

You may think it wise to attempt to collect debts on your own originally and, if all else fails, seek the assistance of a professional.

While a common mistake to make, this is generally not a productive method, unless, of course, you know what you are doing.

When in the early stages of debt recovery, don’t hesitate to seek professional advice whenever you find yourself questioning anything.

Although this may seem costly, it will generally save you significant money as a professional is equipped with all the tools, experience, and legal knowledge required to efficiently collect debts.

You may also make the mistake of violating a law on debt collection due to a simple lack of knowledge of the laws surrounding it, an error that can be avoided by enlisting the help of a pro.

Experts in pursuing legal action & debt collection contact us today or submit your debt online

Be Open About your Needs

When initiating communication with a lawyer, ensure you are fully clear with them on what you wish to achieve from their service.

Misunderstanding between yourself and your lawyer can result in your investment in their service being in vain and you ultimately not achieving the results you were seeking from the matter.

Make sure you inform them of all relevant details on the matter including your financial position and what you are willing to invest in the recovery process for the result you are seeking.

Remember to also let them know any relevant information you have on the opposing party, such as their finances and what they owe to you.

Pursuing Legal Action – Try to Settle

Settling is the process of opposing parties coming to an agreement in an attempt to avoid the matter entering a court environment.

Settling may be really beneficial to you as a creditor for various reasons and even a recorded attempt to settle may also be of assistance.

Settling a matter is both a cost and time-efficient method of recovering debts and may ensure an, if slightly compromised, result that appeals to you in some ways.

You may also want to take into consideration if your matter is genuinely worth the costly ordeal of a trial.

Costs aside, if you wish to maintain a business relationship with the opposing party you may want to attempt to settle to show you are willing to compromise and create a healthy relationship between the parties.

Furthermore, if you can make evident to a courtroom that you attempted to settle with your debtor and they refused, the judge may be more likely to consider your case and reward you what you are owed, possibly in full!

Choose a Cost-Effective Lawyer

When searching for a lawyer, avoid settling for the first you find and instead search the market a little!

Some firms will offer a free over-the-phone consultation for a set period, so don’t be afraid to use this to your advantage and receive some advice on your matter.

You may want to find a lawyer that offers the best value of service for an affordable price to get the best value for your money.

Finding the right lawyer for you is an important task, so don’t hesitate to spend a decent amount of time searching for what you’re looking for.

When looking for the right lawyer, you should take into consideration their experience in the field, expertise, reputation, and costs. Remember, it is unwise to simply settle for the most affordable lawyer on the market without considering the above factors first!

Key Takeaways – Pursuing Legal Action

Making that decision to take legal action against a debtor may be a truly stressful experience!

Taking that time to search for a legal representative that works for you can help to ease that stress.

As mentioned at multiple points throughout the article, underinvesting in legal assistance may lead to more money being spent down the line, or even you not receiving what you need out of the service.

As always, consider your needs and the details of your matter and use them to make an informed decision about who you want representing your case!

Experts in pursuing legal action & debt collection contact us today or submit your debt online

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