Advance Debt Collection Services

Debt collection is the process of collecting overdue debts.

If you have invoices that have not been paid, or an invoice has been disputed, then we can help you.

Practice Areas

Advance Debt Collection collects all types of commercial debt.

We pay special attention to your needs, pride ourselves on delivering consistent, outstanding results, and adhere to strict ethical and legal guidelines. Browse our practice areas to learn more about how we can help you.

Our honest, ethical and friendly approach ensures that we collect the most money, and you can maintain a relationship with your client / customer.


Advance Debt Collection Australia-Wide

Advance Debt Collection operates Australia-wide. If you have debtors in different States or Territories in Australia, then you do not need to go anywhere else. Although our main office is in Queensland, we can operate Australia-wide, and have agents in every State and Territory. We strictly follow the Australian debt collection guidelines and tailor our debt collection processes to follow debt collection regulations and debt collection laws.


Any Australian business that has unpaid invoices


Building and construction industry debts.


Tradespeople debts – contractors and subcontractors.


Any business that offers trade credit to the construction industry.


Rental or hiring company debts – yellow goods, white goods, vehicles.


School / University debts.


Body corporate debts – body corporate management.


Unpaid commercial & residential rent – property agents / property managers.


Professional services debts – lawyers / accountants / architects / engineers.

We collect your debts ethically and with integrity to ensure that you can continue a working relationship with your client.

Apart from collecting your debt, we strive to educate your debtor in relation to your terms and conditions and you payment terms, to ensure that they minimise their bad debts to you.

Advance Debt Collection Services

Our professional debt collection services to you include:


You will be allocated a personal debt collection officer who are fully trained in consumer and commercial debt collection.


We will contact the debtor, send a letter, make telephone calls and face to face field calls (if applicable).


We only collect the commissions payable upon the successful recovery of bad debt.


We are partnered with a litigation law firm so can escalate your debt collection to legal status if required.

This will reduce your bad debts and increase your cash flow.

Collecting outstanding debts

What We Do

First of all, we are debt collectors. We will collect your outstanding debts. We also offer a range of debt collection and recoveries services, as well as partner with a litigation and debt recovery law firm. This means that if the debt is difficult to collect, then they can provide you with expert legal advice in relation to pursuing legal action against these debtors to recover your money.

Asset investigations

Skip tracing

Credit reporting

Field calls

Legal Action

Advance Debt Collection partner with Stonegate Legal, an expert litigation, debt recovery, enforcement, and insolvency law firm.

They can act on your behalf by if required to provide any of the following:

  1. Legal debt recovery – negotiation, mediation, litigation in court
  2. Bad debt prevention & risk minimisation
  3. Enforcement of money orders
  4. Serving bankruptcy notices
  5. Serving statutory demands

Our partnership means that a client of Advance Debt Collection can get a fixed fee legal letter of demand if the referral is made.

This is only available to Advance Debt Collection.

24/7 Online Access

We use the latest technology to provide our clients with instant online access to their account 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

You can upload new debts, provide us with instructions, check the correspondence on the file, and check the trust account to see if payment has been receipted.

You are in control. You do not have to wait for an agent to contact you.

However, we do of course provide our clients with regular follow-ups and reports.

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